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The Final Friday Felid (#38)

October 16, 2009 12 comments


Lion, Panthera leo L.


And with that we bring our Friday Felid feature to an end. In a few weeks I will unveil a new series. Feel free to make suggestions about taxa you’d like to see being featured.

Friday Felid #37

October 9, 2009 Comments off

Taking a Dip, Bengal Tiger.jpg

Tiger, Pantera tigris L.


Friday Felid #36

October 2, 2009 Comments off


Leopard, Panthera pardus L.


Friday Felid #35

September 25, 2009 1 comment


Jaguar, Panthera onca L.


Friday Felid #34

September 18, 2009 1 comment

Favorite 4 - Jaguarundi.jpg

Jaguarundi, Puma yagouaroundi É. Geoffory Saint-Hilaire, 1803.


Friday Felid #33

September 11, 2009 Comments off


Cougar, Puma concolor L.


Friday Felid #32

September 4, 2009 6 comments


Snow leopard, Uncia uncia Schreber 1775



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