Sad news about jaguars

I’ve written before about efforts to study and support jaguar populations here in the desert southwest and Mexico. So the following is saddening. Nature is reporting that:

The US government will not attempt to save jaguars from extinction within the formal system of the Endangered Species Act… [Cats seen in the US in recent years] do not justify a formal “recovery plan”. The agency says that it will instead work on behalf of the endangered cat with other countries south of the border that comprise the rest of the animal’s range.


5 thoughts on “Sad news about jaguars

  1. Wow; that really sucks. The U.S. population was essentially extirpated and the jaguars we have now are mostly migrants in from Mexico, something that shows that despite previous bad management something really could be done to help these cats. I posted something about this issue coming from the American Society of Mammalogists a few weeks ago, but I guess their efforts are for naught. The ESA as it is now is essentially a joke, anyway, but I’m baffled as to why U.S. jaguars do not justify a recovery plan.

  2. I’m guessing the Repugnicans didn’t want to be seen as soft on amnesty for Mexican immigrants of any species.

  3. Thats right Jason, why don’t we build a wall to keep them Mexican’s of all species out. People never dig tunnels, large cats can’t jump walls, great tailed grackles don’t fly and Sonoran Pronghorn antelope don’t need to cross the border for water.

  4. We are truly governed by ignorant philistines. Could it be that the concept of mexican jaguars invading our nation conjures images of their landscaping crew stealing their penile compensation vehicle? I suppose my national initiative “Give America Back To the Beavers” has a snowball’s chance in hell of gaining momentum.

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