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Yesterday was a good day, though a long one. I was in my office from nine in the morning meeting with students constantly (talking about upcoming papers) until I began teaching at 12:15. My classes were discussing the Book of Job and really seemed to get it, and by that I mean be able to tease it apart and figure out what was going on, and what the assumptions and goals of the authors were. Seminars are so much fun when the students come ready to talk, argue and discuss! After classes I had a five minute break (literally my first break for the day, not even enough time to grab a coffee) before meeting with students again until 4:30 when I managed to escape with some colleagues for a quick beer before heading home. The littlest Lynch had received another excellent school report, so we headed off for a bite to eat and a trip to the bookstore (a family tradition when the school report appears and a reward is earned).

And to top it all, this post got farked, resulting in approximately a third of my normal pageviews per month appearing in less than twelve hours.

Today I have a talk (for Sunday) to work on and student e-mails regarding the aforementioned paper to deal with. It is also the closing date for the second stage of our job search and thus I’ll have bits and pieces to tie up.

Such is the life of an academic. Exciting, huh?


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  1. Funny, I remember those very same report-card-reward trips to the bookstore from back in the day. They were always my favorite. Perhaps I should reinstate them for myself. The trick is finding the time to read my purchases!

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