PZ gets expelled … and gets the last laugh.

This is absolutely hilarious.

After all, who is more famous?

This guy ….


or this guy



4 thoughts on “PZ gets expelled … and gets the last laugh.

  1. Dont you feel really bad for the Fundie sitting next to Dawkins in the theater, though?
    Like sitting down to watch a scary movie. You finally figure out who the murderer is. Its the guy sitting next to you in the theater.

  2. My guess is it isn’t a question of who is more famous … it’s who is more likely to turn out to be the Antichrist.
    I know I’d vote for PZ for the office but maybe I’m using the wrong criteria. 😉

  3. @ ERV (#1): ROFL, indeed! I’m still chuckling. (Look to your left, and who’s sitting there ??? …)

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