Sea Cucumber Sex Scandal


[H/T to Crooks and Liars]


4 thoughts on “Sea Cucumber Sex Scandal

  1. The biggest LOL of the day! Welcome to Invertebrate Wars, John….just think what would happen if it was a squid instead!

  2. I love it! Holothurians are so sick. It makes me just want to puke out my stomach, but thats what they would want. Bastards, every one of them…

  3. You do need to do something about the Google ads that run on your blog. Having ads for sea cucumbers alongside a post like this is either hysterically funny or somewhat disturbing (perhaps a combination of the two).

  4. Hilarious! I’m a Canadian, and we tend not to pay much attention to who has sex with our politicians – unless it’s sea cucumbers of course, that’s just wrong. So whatzizname’s expensive frolic was mostly a ‘so what?’ event.
    Except for the shell-shocked wife routine – is that supposed to have been a good move? From here it just looked like domestic abuse.

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