More on Expelled in Tempe

It seems the producers of Expelled have gone back to the drawing board regarding their screenings. Last week I signed up for the April 3rd screening in Tempe. It now turns out that it has been canceled:

Due to unavoidable changes in the travel plans of the producers of “Expelled”, several of our screenings have been canceled or are being rescheduled to a new date or time. If you’d like to be notified once a new screening in your area is confirmed, please sign-up on one of the waitlists below.

Waitlists, eh? A handy way to screen attendees so that no tough questions are asked.

9 thoughts on “More on Expelled in Tempe

  1. I have also signed up – for the one in anther state –
    BUT I’m thinking that if you enter “Pastor”, or Youth Counselor” in the Title section, you are going to be at the top of their list. “Friend Of PZ Myers”, not so much…
    All Science So Far…

  2. Will someone please post the URL for where you can see where the next Expelled screenings are going to be, and to sign up for them? The only way I’m ever going to see this movie is for free, so maybe I could give it a shot if it’s coming to a theater near me.

  3. I signed up for the waiting list, but they’ll reject anyone with an ASU email address for just being educated and stuff. On a side note, I noticed a poster-sized advertisement for this movie hanging on a construction fence at University and Dorsey. It sure surprised the hell out of me.

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