Goats, lotteries and the Reverend father

I don’t usually highlight my e-mail spam, but this was so priceless, I just had to. So much wrong here:

  1. Guinness is running its "Online Lottery" out of a PO box in Killorglin. I’ve seen Killorglin. It’s best known for a goat being annually named King of Ireland. Seriously.
  2. And apparently now the payment representative is working out of the UK (+44) with a Hotmail account. Who have thunk it?
  3. And the general manager of the notification department is a Reverend. As in priest.

These people aren’t even trying anymore. Full text below the fold.

Guinness Online Lottery.
Diageo Ireland
P.O. Box 1759,
Killorglin, Co. Kerry


We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded draws held by Guinness Company. Your E-mail was among the 4 Lucky winners who won in the Guinness Company Online Lottery.
For security reasons, details of your winnings are not contained in this mail but you are expected to contact your payment representative below for more information on how to get your won funds.
For your own security request a copy of your Award Notification Letter from him before you proceed.

Payment Representative
Name : Dr. Gordons Brown
Email: guinness-08@hotmail.com
Tel : +44-704-576-6594

Accept my hearty Congratulations!!
Yours Truly,
Rev. Wilton Bour
General Manager (Notification Department)


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