Darwin’s Reach

Hofstra University solicits submissions for an interdisciplinary conference titled "Darwin’s Reach: A Celebration of Darwin’s Legacy across Academic Disciplines," to be held March 12-14, 2009.

Primatologist Frans de Waal, paleontologist Niles Eldredge, and Judge John Jones (who wrote the Dover decision on teaching evolution) will be among the keynote speakers.

Darwin’s Reach examines the impact of Darwin and Darwinian evolution on science and society in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Robert Darwin and the sesquicentennial of the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. The central theme of this academic conference is an exploration of how Darwin’s ideas have revolutionized our understanding of both the living world and human nature. Papers exploring diverse topics on Darwin’s legacy are invited from a wide variety of disciplines, including the natural and social sciences, humanities and law.

The full Call for Papers, with further information and submission instructions, is available at http://www.hofstra.edu/darwinsreach .

Possible topics include:

  • Darwin as a scientist
  • The reception and development of Darwinian evolution in the 19th and 20th centuries
  • Darwinian evolution in the 21st century
  • Misapplications of Darwinism
  • Evolution in the courts
  • Evolution in art and culture
  • Evolution and religion
  • Evolution and morality
  • Evolution and sex/gender
  • Evolution and medicine
  • Evolution and language
  • Evolution and socialization
  • Evolution and global climate change

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  1. And still no funding for penurious Aussies to come. There needs to be an Austronesian Philosophy Travel Fund set up 🙂
    At least ASU paid (or eventually will pay) my ticket there.

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