Expelled 9, Zombie Strippers 39

According to Rotten Tomatoes.

Nuff said.


12 thoughts on “Expelled 9, Zombie Strippers 39

  1. Damn, I was so caught up in all the attention you Sci-Blog guys have been giving expelled, I completely missed out on any pre-press about a Zombie Strippers movie being released. hmmm let me think. Who would I rather see — Jenna Jameson or Ben Stein??
    Ok, the reality is I would stay home and read a book before wasting a nickel on either one-but it is an entertaining comparison

  2. Zombie Strippers has gone up to 42! Provving that Zombie Strippers really are, as I admit I had previously suspected, the meaning of life.

  3. Edward Douglas is obviously a twit (he gave it 7.5/10) and should be kept a way from sharp objects.

  4. The comments on RottenTomatoes have apparently reached some kind of critical mass because at the top of the page near the rating (now at 9%) it reads, “Consensus: Full of patronizing, poorly structured arguments, Expelled is a cynical political stunt in the guise of a documentary.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. (BTW, a mildly positive review from Christianity Today pushed up the rating. Currently it’s 2 positive/22.)

  5. Well, the suspense was killing me, so I drove over to the nearest Expelled showing, which was at Desert Ridge at 5:30. I wasn’t curious enough to actually sit through that piece of crap again, but I did stand in the shade about ten feet from the ticket windows just to get a sense of what kind of crowd was showing up. I got there at 5:15; there were two lines, but I was only close enough to hear the people in the line closest to me. There were rarely more than 3 or 4 people in line at a time, and the lines disappeared completely several times. Most of the people who asked for Expelled tickets were middle-age or older. I did see one lone teenage boy go in. I knew I couldn’t get an accurate idea of ticket sales from just overhearing people in one line, so at 5:40, five minutes after the scheduled start time, I went up to one of the ticket windows and asked how many tickets were left for that showing. She said it was about 50% sold. I know this was only one showing at one theater in one part of town, but I think it’s a good omen.

  6. Neither of the positive reviews, including Christianity Today, were more than lukewarm. The basis for their yes votes seems to be that they think the controversy is worth being informed on and that watching the movie will accomplish this.
    Their error is in assuming that the movie presents a version of the truth, albeit biased. In fact, it is almost completely composed of disinformation.

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