New Chick Tract


New Chick tract – have at it! Especially you, Tyler.

Update: I see PZ beat me to this. *shakes fist*


4 thoughts on “New Chick Tract

  1. Ah, Chick tracts. Too funny. Back in high school some crazy woman attacked me and a group of friends in a parking lot once, trying to force a handful of these on us. Nearly ran me over in the process. I still have mine, actually, it’s the one titled “No Fear?”. My favorite panel: “Then I’ve been LIED to! We were told that hell was one big party… and all our friends would be there.”

  2. So…Jack Chick is saying people of “another color” are “weaker”. And then he compares us to Nazis.
    I see.

  3. Hey, chick tracks made me more keen to play evil dungeons and dragons. I mean, I always thought it looked rather dull, but according to Chick you learn real magic! So much cooler, and so definitely not the way to scare teenagers away from it.

  4. I was amazed how fast the chick tract got posted so fast in the Atheists blogs. In fact, it was the same day I received a full sample of the track in my e-mail. There is only one human race, inside the genes are the same…The track also sounds a bit like Rev. Wright in some ways who is Obama’s former pastor.

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