The funniest thing about intelligent design

MartinC (who gave us the wonderful Bensteinian Rapsody) has been busy uncovering secret artifacts that further demonstrate the ambitions of the cdesign proponentsists. First there is some deleted scenes from Expelled! featuring such dialog as:

VINCENT: You’ll dig it the most. But you know what the funniest thing about Intelligent Design is?

JULES: Casey Luskin?

and then there is the Wedgewood Document:

What these infuriating atheists failed to realize is that if Russell’s Teapot could be disproved then the final defence of atheistic materialism will fall.Far from being a logical deathblow to belief in a personal God, the analogy is the Achille’s heel of atheism, for, if we can indeed detect Russell’s teapot in orbit, then it naturally follows that God CAN be empirically proven. This crushing defeat of atheisms most compelling argument can only lead to one outcome, the inevitable weakening of materialism and the ushering in a new age of piety and faith-based hope for billions.

But how to do so?

Clearly we require two factors to achieve our aim; 1) Russell’s teapot, and 2) A powerful space telescope.

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