Stay classy, Texas.


Button being sold at last week’s Texas GOP convention.



3 thoughts on “Stay classy, Texas.

  1. It is an old joke. I remember some joke book for the 1988 election which had black paint being applied over a white wall with a caption “But President Jackson, it has always been white.” About the only other thing I can recall from it was Bob Dole saying that he had x% name recognition but that y% of them thought he was a pineapple. I did not buy the book.
    But I am really shocked that the Texas GOP did not stop the buttons from being sold. Even a small swing could make a big difference in the electoral vote situation. The buttons will convince no one — after all no one needs to be told that Obama is black. But it could turn off potential McCain voters, not to mention potential voters for Texas GOP candidates. Talk about Grade A stupid. The smart political move would have been to kick out the vendor or at the very least require the vendor to stop selling the buttons. That way a different story would have circulated.

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