Euro 2008

Just finished watching the Dutch implode and get beaten 3-1 by Russia, making them the third group winner to lose.

I can now only hope that Spain beats the Italian Diving Squad tomorrow to avert any possibility of a Germany v Italy final.

Spain v Turkey would be more fun.


6 thoughts on “Euro 2008

  1. Thought: SO glad we (the Dutch) are out. Normal life can now resume. No more drunk orange wearing people, closed stores and dead bus lines. At least until the next Queensday.

  2. This is the part of the show where Spain typically shows up with their shoes on backwards. I fear we will see a Germany/Italy final and that Italy will take it. But then I pretty much thought The Netherlands were unbeatable and that Croatia would dominate Turkey like the Mongol horde v the Vienna Boys’ Choir. Crystal ball goes in for service next week.

  3. I’m for a Russia v Turkey final with a victory for Turkey. It would be great for all the Turks who live here in Germany.

  4. The Turks are (to use a technical phrase) complete knackers. There were body parts lying around after the last match. Doubt they’ll make the final though. Shame, they made the competition much more fun, especially that Croatia match.
    Spain to win.

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