Behe, Intelligent Design & “Folk Science” (Part IIb)

Steve Matheson over at Quintessence of Dust has posted part IIb of his “Why I’m not a fan of Behe” series, this time covering Behe’s abuse of genetics. I’ve referred to previous posts in this series here and here. Steve ends with:

In summary, I find Behe’s handling of genetics in EoE to be unacceptable. He seems ignorant of basic evolutionary genetics, and is clearly content to create a folk science alternative to modern evolutionary biology. No one has proven that random mutation generated the wonders of biology, to be sure, and so I’m not saying that Behe’s conclusion is known to be false. I’m saying that his attempts to establish his conclusion have failed miserably, as have his responses to his critics, and the result is that he cannot be trusted as a careful, thoughtful, knowledgeable critic of evolutionary science. [End of Evolution] is folk science, nothing more.

As always, I recommend you check out Steve’s post and another that he has just put up about Behe’s misuse of probability.