End of Year Roundup

It’s that time of the year again, the time to complete the end of year blog meme. Here is last year’s entry. Rules are simple – post the first line of the first post for every month. I’ve omitted my Monday Mustelid, Today In Science and Friday Poem (semi-)regular posts, so it actually means this is the first post for December.

  • January: It’s not like ASU did wonderfully against Texas (losing the Holiday Bowl 52-34), but at least they turned up to play somewhat (albeit not in the first quarter).
  • February: PZ has noted that the boyos over at Uncommon Descent have deep-sixed a comment thread that (rightly) pointed out that he bested DI-fellow Geoffrey Simmons in their debate yesterday (it will be interesting to see how the DI spins this one).
  • March: It’s going to be quite the busy week here at ASU; John Wilkins is in town, as is Richard Dawkins.
  • April: The ICR’s Christine Dao has a review of Expelled online where she states:
  • May: Ben Stein’s anti-science stance continues.
  • June: Someone may have noticed that I’ve been away for awhile.
  • July: Regular browsers will note that things have gone very quiet here over the past few weeks.
  • August: I’ve been away for a few days, spending some time relaxing in southern Arizona.
  • September: Last seven days were busy here.
  • October: I’m going to take a break from this blogging thing for a while.
  • November: ASU has a number of exciting graduate programs in history, philosophy and social studies of science (with particular emphasis on the biological sciences).
  • December: It’s that time of the year again, the time to complete the end of year blog meme. (Whoah! Infinite loop detected)

I got bored and made a graph of number of posts per month over time; red line in 2007, blue is 2008.



Well, what’s clear from all of this is that there’s been a steady decline in output over the year, especially since August. Who knows what next year will bring.

And while I’m at it, here are some of the Sbs roundups: Janet, Abel, John, Greg, Bora, and DM. Mine is the only one with a graph and is therefore more sciency.


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