You’d *almost* feel sorry for Luskin

Over at PT, Nick piles on Luskin:

One aside: the fact that Behe wrote a chunk of Pandas is important in several ways apart from pure history. First, this makes Pandas, rather than Darwin’s Black Box (or really, a few of his web articles), the first published expression of Behe’s IC argument. Second, it means that Behe, like all of the other major players in the ID movement, pretty clearly endorsed the ID movement’s get-into-the-public-schools-first, do-the-scientific-research-later philosophy and practice. Third, it nukes Luskin’s indignancy about Miller failing to distinguish the blood-clotting treatments in Darwin’s Black Box and Pandas; these are really just two closely related versions of the same argument, by the same person, Behe 1993 and Behe 1996. It gets even worse for Luskin once you realize that Behe defended both treatments as correct in his Kitzmiller testimony, as we will discuss below.


Luskin is apparently unaware of the fact (which Miller mentioned) that whales/dolphins have a pseduogene for Hageman factor. (Or if he is aware of the pseudogene, then he thinks The Designer created whales/dolphins from scratch, complete with a pseudogene for a protein they don’t use, which furthermore is closely related to the corresponding functional artiodactyl Hageman factor gene! The pseudogene is direct proof that their ancestors had Hageman factor, but lost it. [4] Fish never had it, so this is in no way a case of convergence. What we do have here, however, is an excellent case of someone, namely Casey Luskin, inserting the miraculous intervention of a “common designer” where he has gaps in his knowledge. This is exactly the problem with ID/creationism – invoking God into gaps in knowledge is pretty troublesome, but creationists do something even worse. They insert God into gaps in their own knowledge, assuming, usually without even a vaguely serious attempt at a literature search (!!!), that whatever tidbits of biology they happen to have picked up represent the sum total of scientific knowledge on a topic. This is, I think, why they so often stay ignorant, even when, as Luskin did, they have had the whole thing explained to them before.

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2 thoughts on “You’d *almost* feel sorry for Luskin

  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  2. Casey Luskin = Lying scumbag.
    Nope, I do not feel sorry for him at all. It’s people like him that make me almost wish that there was a god(s), so he could rot in hell for all eternity for telling all those Lies For Jesus.
    As it is, we will just have to make sure that his propaganda is properly refuted, so thanks for the link to the detailed article at Panda’s.

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