6 Million and Counting

Glenn Branch brought my attention to a book by John Henry Egan. Since it is titled 6 Million and Counting: Darwinism, Atheism and Genocide, I think you can see where it is going. The following appears to encapsulate the gist of this fine work of historical investigation:

Charles Darwin invented the term “sub-human” a phrase used by the Nazis to demonize and murder Jews, gypsies, and many others …

Darwinism is an Atheistic philosophy, anathema to both Jews and Christians. Leading Darwinists advocate the violent destruction of all religions. Charles Darwin was himself an atheist and advocate of mass murder. Not a single thing is actually known about Darwinian evolution. It is completely theoretical.

Lots of claims, all of them false. Egan has an undergraduate degree in history and “also graduated from the Heartwood Institute for the Natural Healing Arts”. But don’t worry about his credentials:

Because Mr. Egan is not a specialist devoted to a single discipline, he is able to draw upon information from many fields, including Anthropology, Biology, History and Sociology to argue that Darwin’s ideas not only destroyed Europe’s thriving and multitudinous Jewish civilization; but also is responsible for the present destruction of America’s own unique ethical and moral foundation.

He, apparently, is not a biblical literalist or Christian. 

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  1. Because Mr. Egan is not a specialist devoted to a single discipline…
    Wow. Argument from lack of authority.

  2. Third Millennium Press, Baton Rouge.
    “Uniquely combining both biblical and world history, TMP developed further titles in the same traditional style for those families and individuals committed to the Holy Bible and its teachings”

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