Short shorts

Been busy here. Classes start on Tuesday so there has been a lot of administrivia to do with that. It’s also a mad scramble to get some projects finished before next week.

My buddie PalMD has come out from under the feet of the Hoofnagles and has shiny new premises (“White Coat Underground”) all of his own here at Scienceblogs. Wander over and say “hi”!

“High caffeine consumption could be linked to a greater tendency to hallucinate.” What? Who said that? I’ll be under the table. With my coffee [link].

Another shoutout to Zooborns … bringer of much good cheer and much beloved by my daughter.

Two video recommendations for those of us who grew up on (or with) the music of The Clash & Joe Strummer: Don Letts’ “Westway to the World” (2000) and Julien Temple’s “The Future is Unwritten” (2007). Both highly recommended.

That is all. Be on your way.


One thought on “Short shorts

  1. Zooborns is great when you’ve had a rough day…a good solid 15 minutes of cute overload…

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