Sadly true …

Let’s face it: When George W. Bush claims he’s “kept us safe,” it’s kind of like the babysitter who lets the toddler wander into traffic the first hour she’s on the job, then herds all the remaining kids into the basement and locks them in to compensate. So when the parents get home, she says: “See, I kept them all safe after the toddler got run over.” (source)


4 thoughts on “Sadly true …

  1. My wife compared Bush’s goodbye speech to the “this rock keeps tigers away” scene from the Simpsons.
    Well, do you see any tigers terrorists around here? Then Bush’s rock security policy must be working.

  2. Six years later the toddler that was killed was given a civilian honor, has a day named out of him, and no one feels better.
    Since the rest of the toddlers wandered out into traffic they must be troublemakers and have their phones tapped for the next ten years.

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