A good start … now let’s keep going.

Obama said: “My administration will not deny facts — we will be guided by them”

And then actually began to do something about climate change.

A good start.


3 thoughts on “A good start … now let’s keep going.

  1. I posted a comment on Digg.com regarding part of the auto industry response about having a hodgepodge of laws to follow.
    Not really. California has always set the way. So car manufacturers simply need look that way and build to that standard which is what went on before Bush and Co. tried to dismantle it.
    They don’t build separate cars for California and then the rest of the U.S. They just use the California standard.
    One guy actually had the balls to say he didn’t want people in another state deciding ecological policy. Dumbass.

  2. A good start.

    Its not just a good start! Torture, Gitmo, diplomacy in the middle-east, stem-cells, abortion… Looks like we have lots of good starts!

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