Some days are better than others for others


Looks like I had a  better day than Abbie. I only had to give two talks whereas she had to listen to John West and Casey Luskin. Hopefully she’ll post more details but for the moment we know that West pontificated that “Darwin was Wrong” and Luskin tried to justify the cdesign proponentists snafu. Pure comedy gold, I’m sure. 

Poor Abbie is going to have to suffer a little more – Dembski’s blowing into town in a few weeks.

Update: Abbie has presented more details (see links above). Here are West’s “Seven myths about Darwinism”:

  • There is no scientific debate over evolution (featuring use of the infamous New Scientist cover that has been discussed here in Sb ad nauseum).
  • ID is just repackaged creationism
  • ID is an attempt to unify church and state
  • ID proponents are only motivated by religion
  • ID is religion
  • There is no connection between Darwin and Social Darwinism
  • Modern medicine would collapse without evolution

Seriously. That’s it. The same old erroneous talking points presented by a political scientist/apologist. West should perhaps have come to Norman a week early to attend my talk. He would have been welcome to raise any of these points in public (and receive a suitable smack-down). Guess he feels safer with a church group.

Short version of both talks: West is terminally boring and Luskin seems to be fixated with Abbie. Both repeat old DI talking points. No surprises.

4 thoughts on “Some days are better than others for others

  1. Wow, quite the clusterfark. Probably just as well I wasn’t in town yesterday … no amount of shared alcohol would have made it better.

  2. Dembski’s blowing into town in a few weeks.

    From what I’ve heard, Michael Ruse agreed to “debate” him. I have no idea what Ruse thinks he’ll accomplish by doing that.

  3. Wes,
    I don’t think Ruse thinks he will (or for that matter wants to) accomplish anything. He’s been hanging around with ID folks since at least the SMU conference in 1992, and is somewhat their “pet evolutionist,” always willing to make a larger-than-life statement and to joust with Dembski.

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