Are you a “progressive”?

Mike Dunford has linked to a CAP poll for measuring political ideology. What can I say, I’m procrastinating, so I answered the questions and scored 344 out of 400. That makes me a god-damned baby-eating liberal pinko scumbag “extremely progressive.” Below is the mean score by group:


I have yet to read the CAP report on American political opinion but here’s a link none-the-less.


16 thoughts on “Are you a “progressive”?

  1. I scored a 349/400. But then I know that they also had a conservative test and I scored something like 27 on that one.

  2. I recieved a score of 357.
    That makes me Extremely Progressive a Gotdam commie pinko baby killin’ fagboy… as per some of my neighbors.

  3. Interesting. I scored a 282, making me “very progressive”. Can’t say I’m surprised.
    Why weren’t there more questions on science and society, and more important – why is science considered partisan?

  4. 333, and I used to be Republican. Now I’m unaffiliated, unrepresented, and disenfranchised.

  5. 366.
    I think my score would have been higher (better!) if it weren’t for the hidden bias in the first question.
    Government should not be ensuring that healthcare is “affordable.”
    Affordability should not be an issue when it comes to guaranteeing human rights, such as the right to healthcare access. (Which happens to be where Obama is really screwing up and wasting his political capital right now.)

  6. I got a 217 (which is higher than I expected) Probably because I lean libertarian and support a free market economic model but am also radically pro individual freedom and anti militarism (beyond what is directly required for defense of the US)

  7. I’m always annoyed with these online political and personality tests, because they offer mainly binary answers.
    Posing a question which you may think has no political relevance and then asking for a yes/no agree/disagree reply.

  8. … why is science considered partisan?

    Because we live in a world of finite resources, and the Reaganites want everyone to believe in infinite wealth.

  9. I got a score of 170. Does this mean I am a fascist? But I am a lesbian and I watch The View (I love me some Joy Behar, hate that Hasselbeck biatch!) and I voted for Hillary “Hill-dog” Clinton in the primary! I also love The Huffington Post (or HuffPo as I like to call it). Can lesbians even be fascists?! Isn’t that impossible or something?

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