DI Proxies Defeated in Florida

Yet another defeat for the anti-evolutionists. NCSE is reporting that Florida’s Senate Bill 2396 has died in committee. To recap:

I can’t imagine the Discovery Institute is too happy. It has failed miserably in developing “a new science for a new century” and, having given science up, has failed at legislative action. Time for Plan 9, I think.


6 thoughts on “DI Proxies Defeated in Florida

  1. I can already hear Casey Luskin whining “You see! You see! Your stupid minds. Stupid! Stupid!”

  2. My copy of Plan 9 has been certified by Mr. Lobo of Cinema Insomnia.

  3. @ James
    Well, I *did* make the first “Plan 9” reference šŸ™‚
    And yes, I think it is online somewhere – I got a copy via The Tubes a year or so back.

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