Well here I am in my new digs. New name, same old Lynch, I’m afraid. Not sure how long this will last but let’s see, shall we? My three and a half years at Scienceblogs were fun but it felt best to move on. Hopefully I’ll manage to retain a reader or two. If not? C’est la vie.

I’m heading out of the country so real blogging won’t begin for a while. In the meantime, bookmark the RSS feed and browse the archives. Perhaps you’ll find something you missed in the past.


14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hey, I can lurk here just as well as I could at that other place … and I suppose I can wait a few weeks for the newest Friday Felid …

    So RSS feed enabled, full speed ahead!

  2. Speaking from personal experience, its always good to stir things up. With regard to the 2nd question, we were receiving a nice baseline from google images over at Sb for a year, then they shut down DSN just a few months ago. No doubt to make room for all the newcomers there.

    Looking forward to to following you on the indie circuit!

  3. Hey John! Joining the exodus I see. It looks like you were able to export your archives. Look forward to reading your stuff here. How many OGs are left at Sb?

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