Things to do, places to see …


I’m heading out of town for a while with a trip to Athens (photo above taken on my 2008 trip), Heraklion and Santorini. I’ll be back blogging in early June.


7 thoughts on “Things to do, places to see …

  1. I have to say…

    It’s nice your still writing. I’ve followed several places, and while I don’t agree with everything you do write, I’m extremely happy you still do.

  2. I can only hope that the dog didn’t do to the statue what they do to other objects…

    On the flip side, I’m glad I found you again. I wigged out when I noticed that you weren’t in the list of blogs for scienceblogs anymore.

  3. Thanks for continuing, John. I’ve been tagging along for a couple of years because I find your ideas engaging and you have the expertise to provide a foundation for them.

    Tell you what. You blog, I’ll read. I’ll probably learn something and comment some. Works for me.

    The picture reminds me of a song I heard. Can’t say right now who the artist was but I remember the lyrics. The tune is kind of a lazy, flat pickin’ country style with a touch of blues.

    “Clyde plays electric bass
    He plays it with finesse and grace
    Sit on the porch without no shoes
    Pickin’ that bass and singin’ the blues.

    Now Clyde he likes company
    And his ol’ hound sings harmony
    Tambourine tied to his tail
    You can hear him moan
    You can hear him wail.

    Joline baby, she got a dollar
    And down the road you can hear her holler
    ‘Get up, Clyde, we got sompin’ to do
    That ol’ dog can sing the blues.'”

    Wait! Leo Kottke. *i knew i knew who*

  4. Wait! Leo Kottke. *i knew i knew who*

    Clyde is from J.J. Cale’s debut album Naturally (1971 Shelter Records) and it’s my retirement song. Only condition my porch has to be in Provence in the Calanques. Only way to live!

  5. Thanks for the clarification, Thony C.

    I didn’t think Kottke wrote the song but his is the only version I’ve heard. I see a copy of Cale’s album in my collection soon.

    Good luck with that porch!

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