More Darwin bustin’ from Stevie Meyer

Stephen Meyer has a new book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design (link). Publicity tour so far? The Heritage Foundation and McLean Bible Church.


Oh, and we’ll charge you $10 to attend the latter event. M’kay?

About sums it up really.


3 thoughts on “More Darwin bustin’ from Stevie Meyer

  1. And just look the cast of characters endorsing the book…

    Our good friend Steve Fuller:

    “Signature in the Cell is at once a philosophical history of how information has come to be central to cutting-edge research in biology today and one man’s intellectual journey to the conclusion that intelligent design provides the best explanation for that fact. In his own modest and accessible way, Meyer has provided no less than a blueprint for twenty-first-century biological science—one that decisively shifts the discipline’s center of gravity from nineteenth-century Darwinian preoccupations with fossils and field studies to the computerized, lab-based molecular genetics that underwrites the increasingly technological turn in the life sciences. After this book, readers will wonder whether anything more than sentimentality lies behind the continued association of Darwin’s name with ‘modern biology.”

    Does Steve know anything about what has happened in biology during the past 100 years?

    And then there is this guy who needs a few more titles after his name:

    “This timely and important book is a landmark in the intelligent design debate and one which draws together all relevant research and information. It is elegantly written in a style that is accessible and laced with interesting historical and personal anecdotes. ‘Signature in the Cell’ will pay rich dividends to everyone who turns its pages.”

    —Dr. Norman C. Nevin, OBE, BSc, MD, FFPH, FRCPath, FRCP (Edin), FRCP
    Emeritus Professor in Medical Genetics, Queen’s University, Belfast

    He is a supporter of the “Truth in Science” organization attempting to get creationist materials in the British schools and most likely a young-earth creationist.

  2. All science so far! Why isn’t the evidence published in peer-reviewed literature: global incompetence or global conspiracy?

    And if Dr. Nevin were an earl, he’d be an earlobe.

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