The year so far

Back on January 1st I posted a list of things that I wanted to achieve this year. Let’s see how I did with six months gone (I’ve added some comments in italics):

  • Finish and submit three book reviews over the next few weeks – done and of course new books to review appeared immediately!
  • Finish some work for the History of Science Society’s Committee on Education – Eek! Still need to get this finished.
  • Have a paper accepted by Pediatrics – As it happens, today I received notification that the paper has finally been accepted. I’ll post something about it when it appears online.
  • Teach my Origins, Evolution and Creation course for what must be the eleventh time (Spring) – done
  • Give a talk at the University of Oklahoma for their Darwin celebrations (February). – done
  • Give a four day seminar on Darwin (also at Oklahoma in February; syllabus is here) – done
  • Give a talk on Darwin for the ASU chapter of Sigma Xi (February) – done
  • Perhaps attend the ISHPSSB meeting in Australia (July) – Unfortunately, I decided that this was not possible given the cost. Pity really.
  • Present a paper at the next History of Science Society meeting on St. George Jackson Mivart as part of a session on Victorian responses to Origin (November) – Our session got accepted and I will be presenting. Now I only need to write the paper!
  • Submit a book proposal for a monograph on Mivart. I have a few leads for a publisher and I’m hoping this will be the big task for the Summer. – Thinking this through, I decided it would be better just to write a few papers rather than a whole monograph. So that is the plan now.
  • Teach my History of Science since 1700 class for the second time (Fall) – The class is going a head and all 100 places are already taken. Need to tweak that syllabus a little though.
  • Begin transcriptions at ASU for the Tyndall Correspondence Project (Fall, funding permitting) – We’re still waiting to hear back from the NSF on this.
  • Get promoted to Principal Lecturer. My paperwork is sitting on a desk somewhere and has been for a few months now. – Heard back in May and am now promoted.
  • Hopefully get a few new grad students – Have at least one potential student starting in August.

Not too shabby.


3 thoughts on “The year so far

  1. And it only took 10 months, 3 submissions, and countless rounds of edits (not counting the 18 months of analysis and writing prior) to get it accepted! If this is the life-academia I have to look forward to I can’t wait to get started……::rolls eyes::

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