BSHS Monographs available online

The British Society for the History of Science has made its series of monographs freely available for download. Of particular interest to me at least is the volume on E. Ray Lankester and the one on early meetings of the Geological Society of London. Excellent stuff!


2 thoughts on “BSHS Monographs available online

  1. That second Environmental Science volume is pretty ripe, too. Good of them to release them as PDFs.

  2. [Long time reader, first time poster]

    I noticed this this morning on the ISH mailing list as well — I’m also really excited about the Lankester volume, which I had to go through a particularly excruciating interlibrary loan process to obtain for research earlier this year. Since it’s about the only biography of ERL ever written (and almost certainly the only one with access to the locked family papers), this is really good news. Let me join the chorus of “bravo”s if anybody from the BSHS stumbles across this post.

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