Blogging by the numbers

June was my first full month away from my old digs so it is interesting to see what my traffic looked like. June saw a total of 28,626 page views, and 243 comments. The number of page views exceeds every month in the past year that I was at Scienceblogs bar one (January 2009). On May 18th I noted that I was averaging 630 page views per day – last month I averaged 955. That said, much of the traffic – 12,005 views – was due to linkage from PZ Myers to five posts (numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 below), so I don’t expect the traffic to be this high every month. By comparison, a link from Uncommon Descent generated 83 visits!

Interestingly, my old blog got 8,764 page views in June despite having no new content posted (compared to about 18 to 20k when I was posting there).

Top Ten Posts (of 45 total for the month)

  1. The Roots of ID
  2. Why Ben Stein is wrong about science and history
  3. Creationists lie to historians and deny subterfuge
  4. More on creationists lying to historians
  5. About last night
  6. Was There A Darwinian Revolution?
  7. Why I left Scienceblogs
  8. What is this?
  9. Orangs in the family tree
  10. On lying, cherry-picking & atheism .