Collins nominated for head of NIH

Obama has nominated Francis Collins for the directorship of the NIH and some people are predictably unhappy. His resume shows that he is an experienced administrator (and researcher) and that’s all that should matter. So what if he believes in God – as long as he doesn’t initiate funding for “faith-based medicine” (and there is no indication that he would do so) he’ll do just fine.


One thought on “Collins nominated for head of NIH

  1. They key phrase there is the one about whether there is any indication that Collins would use the position inappropriately. And you’re right, there is no such indication. Those like PZ, Larry, Steven Pinker, and the bigot Jerry Coyne, who suggest otherwise, are painting a picture of atheism that should horrify skeptics and humanists. Coyne, in my estimation, is reacting to Collins in a spectacular example of Freudian projection. (Try doing some word-swapping with reaction #1 on his pathetic blog.)

    The words of those confused fellows are a godsend for friends of scientific believers (and for the DI), providing a moral contrast between Collins and these buffoons that invites a contrast between Scottish Enlightenment philosophers and torch-bearing mobs. Pretty ugly stuff, but it does make it just a little easier to be a Christian biologist: yeah, I’m embarrassed by ID and creationism, big time, but my atheist friends have to worry about culture war abuses that are starting to look every bit as barbaric.

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