Houston, we have a problem

Select results from a recent survey of Britons regarding the Apollo 11 moon landing:

  • 44% believe that the money spent on the landing was not worth it
  • 25% believe that the landing never occurred
  • 11% believe the landing occurred in the 1980’s
  • 8% believe the first man on the moon was Louis Armstrong
  • 1% believe the first man on the moon was Buzz Lightyear

Details here.


3 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem

  1. I can sorta understand the motivations of the holocaust deniers (of course, I don’t agree), but why all the moon conspiracies? Is it to do with the general anti-science climate pervading the country at this time? Very odd.

  2. As time moves on, other events happen and the lunar landings leave the immediate or short-term memory of the general public. 20 years down the road, all it takes is a new generation of ignorant youth who did not live through the heady days of 1969 when Neil Armstrong made one giant leap for mankind, and to have someone tell them charismatically and forcefully, with superficially convincing pseudo-evidence, and you get a nation which responds to polls as above.

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