Participate in the first global citizen dialogue on climate change

The following was passed on to me by ASU. I’m posting this as some readers may be interested in participating in this global event. -jml

Residents of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area now have an opportunity to have their voices heard on the issue of climate change. On September 26, 2009, day-long citizen deliberations will take place in over 40 countries as part of World Wide Views on Global Warming. Arizona State University is the location for one of seven forums being conducted in the United States, and is being organized by ASU’s Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes. Applications are now being accepted for the demographically reflective group of 100 participants. Interested members of the public can apply easily by filling out a short survey online at, or they may call (480) 727-9010. The deadline for applying is July 30, 2009. Selected participants will be notified in mid-August. Participants will receive a stipend to offset their expenses for the day, and lunch will be provided.

Organized globally by The Danish Board of Technology and The Danish Cultural Institute, World Wide Views on Global Warming is the first time citizens around the world will have the opportunity to deliberate among themselves and vote on some of the key questions on climate change and know that their ideas and recommendations will actually have impact; the resulting information in each location around the globe will be provided to that country’s delegates to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15), to be held December 7-18, 2009, in Copenhagen.

Over a decade ago, most countries in the world joined an international treaty on global warming – the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The goal for the upcoming COP15 summit is to establish a binding global climate agreement, which will apply to the period after 2012. World Wide Views will give citizens all over the world an opportunity to define and communicate their positions on issues central to the negotiations at COP15. The main objective of World Wide Views is to give a broad sample of citizens from across the globe the opportunity to influence COP15 and thereby the future of global climate policy.

How it will work

World Wide Views on Global Warming is structured as a global alliance of individuals and institutions, including government agencies, NGOs and universities. During a single day (Sept. 26), two months prior to COP15, partners will host national deliberations. Each will include roughly 100 ordinary citizens, chosen to represent their region’s demographic diversity, who will engage in a structured dialogue aimed at answering an identical set of questions. Roughly 6,000 participating citizens will address questions central to the negotiations at COP15. Participants will vote on questions, and propose and prioritize action recommendations, within three thematic areas: Climate Policy Goals, Burden Sharing, and Climate Policy Mechanisms (quota system, adaptation measures, technology transfer, etc.). Results from the deliberations around the world will be shared with policymakers and COP15 delegates.

Currently, the other locations in the United States participating in World Wide Views, in addition to ASU, are:

  • California: Pomona College and The Loka Institute
  • Colorado: Colorado School of Mines
  • Georgia: Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Massachusetts: Boston University, The Brookfield Institute, and Museum of Science in Boston
  • North Carolina: North Carolina State University
  • Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin-Madison

For more information on World Wide Views on Global Warming, visit its Web site at or visit the project page for the local forum on the Consortium’s Web site at