Feynman’s “Messenger series” lectures online


Microsoft has put seven videos of Richard Feynman lecturing at Cornell in 1964 online (“The Messenger Series” for the BBC, published in 1967 as The Character of Physical Law) in the form of streaming video with media extras.

  1. Law of Gravitation – an example of physical law
  2. The Relation of Mathematics and Physics
  3. The Great Conservation Principles
  4. Symmetry in Physical Law
  5. The Distinction of Past and Future
  6. Probability and Uncertainty – The Quantum Mechanical View of Nature
  7. Seeking New Laws

See here and enjoy.

Update: And as a bonus, four lectures from 1979 on quantum electrodynamics.


2 thoughts on “Feynman’s “Messenger series” lectures online

  1. I too say thanks. My ancient computer can’t cope with Silverlight but it made me look on YouTube.



    I first saw these lectures in the early 1980’s on a cinema screen. I was on a week long summer school and each night they played Feynman as an ‘optional extra’. I was late to the bar every night 🙂

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