Blasphemy against Ronaldo and Atheism in Ireland

From the letters page of the Irish Times:

Madam, – As somebody who believes that Cristiano Ronaldo is God, it was with great shock and moral indignation that I read Emmet Malone’s surly and mean-spirited account of Real Madrid’s visit to Carton House (“Real stars fail to ignite Carton”, July 15th).

By referring to my deity of choice as being “the world’s poutiest player”, Malone’s article constitutes a direct attack on my beliefs. Under the terms of the new legislation regarding blasphemous matter, I intend to actively pursue all legal channels to ensure that Mr Malone refrains from such flagrant ideological hate mongering forthwith. – Yours etc,


(For those not in the know, Real Madrid are playing some exhibition games in Ireland.)

A less impressive op-ed piece by John Waters is here where he seems to take a dislike to Atheist Ireland and claims that “[d]elusions of intellectual superiority and unfunny mockery of religion show up the limitations of atheist ideology.”


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