Putting the jumbuck in the tucker bag


The ISHPSSB bi-annual meeting has just wound down in Brisbane – for various reasons, I wasn’t up for attending this year. By coincidence, the current Four Stone Hearth (#71) has an Australian flavor and contains some interesting Australian factoids (and the above map) such as:

  • Darwin on New South Wales: ‘On the whole I do not like New South Wales. It is no doubt an admirable place to accumulate pounds and shillings; but heaven forbid that I should live where every man is sure be somewhere between a petty rogue and a bloodthirsty villain.’ 
(Darwin to Henslow)
  • Although Australia has a reputation for being settled by convicts, from 1788 to 1856, 157,000 convicts were sent to Australia. This is only one-third of the total sent to the United States.
  • Vegemite is “a by-product of beer manufacturing, so, technically, yes, Australian school children are routinely fed beer by-products from an early age.”

Wander on over to read more about Oz and to see more of what’s best in anthroblogging.


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