“The madness is over” … or is it?

Hilzoy is retiring from blogging at Obsidian Wings. Noting that he started in 2002 with a feeling that “we’ve gone mad” and something has to be done about it, the prognosis has now changed:

[I]t seems to me that the madness is over. There are lots of people I disagree with, and lots of things I really care about, and even some people who seem to me to have misplaced their sanity, but the country as a whole does not seem to me to be crazy any more.

With the Right seeming to be engaged in what amounts to a form of auto-erotic asphyxiation that will either leave a corpse or a vegetable, this may indeed be correct. Is the country “as a whole” less crazy? Are we finally back on track?


2 thoughts on ““The madness is over” … or is it?

  1. I don’t think so. In some cases the same crazy is present (Obama supports the Office of Faith-Based Programs, warrantless wiretapping, rendition, state secrets privilege arguments to prevent victims of torture from receiving justice, and is continuing the Bush administration’s battle to prevent disclosure of visitors to the White House). In some cases things have gotten better (less interference with science, calling off the feds for drug law enforcement in California for medical marijuana). In some cases, things have gotten worse (we’re on track to double the national debt yet again during Obama’s term, and Geithner seems to be bumbling as badly as Paulsen, with the big banks being allowed to fake their solvency through accounting tricks, healthcare reform is likely to be a cobbled together hack that could be worse than the mess we have now, and the complex cap-and-trade bill foolishly gives away most carbon credits to energy companies for free–we would have been better off with a carbon tax rather than another system for financial companies to game).

  2. I agree with Jim Lippard for all his stated reasons and one big one more. If Bush had manged to keep the economy looking good with smoke and mirrors for another three months it would most probably be President McCain right now. Remember McCain and Obama were neck and neck until early September when it became obvious that the economy had taken a swan dive. McCain then sealed his doom with his ‘the fundamentals are sound’ statement.

    It’s still the economy stupid and if things are still ratcheting down in November ’10 the Republicans could retake one house of congress.

    The crazies are still out there and not that far from a return to power. Just take a look at the nominee to head the Texas Board of Education as a reminder of how bad it still is in many places.

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