Myers apparently knows nothing about evolution

There must be something over in the water in Ireland at the moment. The Virgin of the Stump, the blasphemy law, John Waters‘ stupid, and now this by Kevin Myers in an op-ed in the Independent:

The image of the Virgin Mary is reported to have been seen on a tree stump in the village of Rathkeale, and thousands of people have flocked there. And yes, this is quite absurd.

But is it more preposterous to believe that that piece of timber, and the willow tree from which it came, and the eye that beheld the wood, arrived in this world entirely by accident?

For in this, the 150th anniversary of the publication of ‘The Origin of Species’, that is what we’ve been endlessly told this year.

Before Darwinian dogmatists sneer the words ‘intelligent design’ and ‘creationism’, let me declare that I embrace neither concept. But nor do I reject them.

The “Darwinian dogmatists” line is a bit of a giveaway, now isn’t it? And there’s more. Much more. And it doesn’t get any better.

Even the title of Darwin’s book hasn’t been answered adequately. How do separate species emerge, in the process of ‘speciation’? How do outwardly identical, but reproductively-discrete species emerge alongside one another in the same ecological niche, as many kinds of fish have done?

Mr Myers, meet Drs Coyne and Orr who have penned a wee book on this matter (“Speciation”). You can thank me later.