Dembski’s science-envy

Dembski has recently been arguing that scientists have too much power (particularly with regards to the issue of global warming). His latest ejaculation ends:

Scientists are not our masters. They are our servants, and they need a lesson in humility. It is up to us — We the People — to hold their feet to the fire. To fail to do so is to be complicit in their sins. God help us to preserve what freedoms we have left.

There’s nothing like a failed philosopher to exhibit science-envy. Ian Musgrave takes him to task.

Update (7/30): Dembski responds and Musgrave kicks him to the curb.


4 thoughts on “Dembski’s science-envy

  1. One of the surest signs a person doesn’t understand science is the conflation of science with academia. More specifically, assuming that science relies upon authority as academia does. Now science does rely in some measure upon authority, but it is an authority open to challenge and correction. In science when authority is found to be wrong, it is authority that must give way.

  2. Dembski is a big one for holding “feet to the fire,” “meeting Waterloo’s” and all that kind of stuff.

    Remember Dembski’s Vice (sic) Strategy with the little Darwin doll’s head in a vise? The idea was to get Darwinists in a court of law and force them to testify under oath.

    Well, as we all know, Dembski got his wish at Kitzmiller! The Darwinists did testify under oath. So did the intelligent design pseudo-scientists. Dembski had his big chance but he CHICKENED OUT after listening to the deposition of a real scholar, Barbara Forrest.

    Let’s see, what was the finding at Kitzmiller? Oh, yeah, evolution is science and ID is religion.

    Nice job, Dembski!

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