Slouching towards stupidity, part III

Another piece of abject stupidity and illogic from David Klinghoffer (Senior fellow at the Discovery Institute). This time he’s claiming Charles Manson was an evolutionist if only to “remind us of another stitch, a bizarre one, in the fabric of Darwinism’s moral legacy.” Along the way, he brushes aside any links between Manson’s twisted mind and the Book of Revelation and, *gasp*, the Beatles. Helter skelter, indeed.

Klinghoffer writings are supposed to be about “recovering the wisdom of the Hebrew Bible” – whatever about the in the Bible (and there is some), there’s little over at Klinghoffer’s blog.


2 thoughts on “Slouching towards stupidity, part III

  1. Well, Manson practiced Scientology, and L. Ron Hubbard said we evolved from clams to humans by way of Piltdown Man.

    Though Hubbard also said that all MEST (matter, energy, space, and time) is effectively an illusion created and manipulated by thetans, so he was really something of an idealist.

  2. That’s great — I love how he notes that Manson also found inspiration in a Beatles album and the book of Revelations and then dismisses THOSE connections as just being crazy: “any genuine link with those sources was purely a product of his twisted imagination”!

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