Falling failing

Yesterday I posted about Anna Falling, the Tulsa mayoral candidate who wants to promote creationism at Tulsa Zoo. Turns out she has a blog (no doubt closely read by her “Chistian” supporters) and posted this yesterday:

Thank you again for your prayers as we proceed to bring God back to our seat of government. As George Washington stated on Feb. 22, 1732, “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible”

Uh? Really? Two problems here:

  • Washington was born on February 22nd 1732, making it damned near miraculous if he said these words.
  • More importantly, the quote is bogus. Washington never said this even on the widely asserted dates of January 1st 1795 (a thanksgiving proclamation) or September 17th 1796 (his farewell address).

Falling clearly has the skills to solve all of Tulsa’s problems.

Update: They fixed the first problem but left the second untouched despite comments that point out the spurious nature of the quote. I’m guessing it will remain unchanged. I’ve posted the following comment which is now in moderation. Let’s see what happens.

It has been demonstrated that Washington never said the quote you attribute to him. You need to make another correction.

Update (8/14): Predictably, my comment hasn’t made it through moderation. No surprises.

Update (8/16): 72 hours later and still no sign of my perfectly reasonable comment.


2 thoughts on “Falling failing

  1. I was going to add her site to my Kooks list along with World Net daily. After looking her over though its way beyond kook. Guess I have to pass her up.

  2. I also pointed out that her Washington quotation was one of many spurious statements attributed to the Founders. However, as in your case, it is in review. It is amazing how folk like her question the validity of many scientific statements while clinging to false statements that support the Creationist cause. Oh well, I suppose honesty must not be requisite for salvation in their universe.

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