Darwin and Wallace Conspiracy Theory

I’ve written about Roy Davies’ book, The Darwin Conspiracy, before and its claim that Darwin plagiarized from Wallace (see here and here). The book is now freely available online as a PDF should you want to examine the evidence yourself. It is worth pointing out that John Wilkins (an historical philosopher), Jim Lennox (an historian), and Todd Wood (a creationist biologist) think that Davies is wrong.

HT to Michael Barton (post here)


2 thoughts on “Darwin and Wallace Conspiracy Theory

  1. I wonder how much of this creationist fondness for the Darwin-stole-from-Wallace theory can be attributed to their core belief that Darwin IS evolutionary theory and that if he can be discredited in some way then the TOE fails, and how much is due to their reluctance to admit that the TOE was so much of its time, and so true, that two men came up with it independently of each other.

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