Blogging by the numbers

It’s that time again where I summarize the previous month of blogging and perhaps make you aware of things you may have missed. I’m a day early this time around as I’m working on missing a deadline. August (can you believe it is August already?) saw 8769 page views – a little lower than I’ve experienced in quite a while (probably five years), but I haven’t really been posting anything link-worthy. Strangely, my old site over at Scienceblogs got 8271 page views this month with zero new content being posted (obviously). Don’t know what to make of that.

As usual, details are below the fold.

Top Ten Posts

  1. Three (YEC) amigos join the Biologic Institute
  2. How to make a flagellum in a test-tube.
  3. “Ten Books to Read Before You Die” – I think not (from July, getting some Google hits)
  4. Sun no longer a star
  5. Dembski’s teaching method
  6. LOL Dembski (from May … 2007)
  7. Wallace’s “Theory of Intelligent Evolution” (from July)
  8. Why Ben Stein is Wrong About History
  9. Dembski’s latest paper – stillborn, alas
  10. Flannery defends Dembski against the ignorant meanie Lynch

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Top Ten Searches

  1. books to read before you die
  2. a simple prop
  3. wolverine mammal
  4. autumn
  5. badger
  6. meles meles
  7. badgers
  8. moon
  9. the voyage that shook the world
  10. this is pretty neat. 93% won’t forward