Hitler was a theistic evolutionist not a YEC … and that’s why he was evil

Richard Weikart’s last book, From Darwin to Hitler, received universally negative reviews from the history of science community. Now he’s back with Hitler’s Ethic: The Nazi Pursuit of Evolutionary Process and I’m not expecting things to be very much better for Weikart (whom you will remember is a fellow of the Discovery Institute). Larry Arnhart has a brief review up where he sees Weikart as overstating his case and glossing over weaknesses. An interesting quote from Weikart is highlighted:

In none of the relevant quotations from Mein Kampf does Hitler state that humans were specially created in the recent past by the miraculous intervention of God. On the contrary, Hitler repeatedly insisted that humans are subject to inescapable natural laws and that they are the product of eons of change. He often presented evolution as a universal process encompassing humans as well as other creatures.

As Larry points out, this seems to imply that Hitler went wrong because he didn’t embrace Young Earth Creationism (of all things). On the same page (51), Weikart claims that if Hitler was a theist, he was a “theistic evolutionist” – at last something that the Pope and Hitler would have agreed on! The ID antipathy to theistic evolutionists (witness the writings of Johnson and Dembski) has reached a new high (or is that low): Hitler was a theistic evolutionist.

Oh, and Wilkins has a comment as well.


2 thoughts on “Hitler was a theistic evolutionist not a YEC … and that’s why he was evil

  1. So Hitler was a theistic evolutionist. [glances around, lowers voice] I’ll bet he was a Copernican too. Come to think of it, he was probably a fan of that fellow German Alfred Wegener. And…gosh…do you suppose he liked chocolate and rode a bike? We all know he liked Wagner…that means he probably liked Tchaikovsky too…and that leads to Mendelssohn and then to A Midsummer Night’s Dream which means he liked Shakespeare and probably would have liked Kevin Kline and Rupert Everett and I think that means…oh shit…I’M ADOLF HITLER! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

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