Speaking of Hitler …

Pat Buchanan thinks he was misunderstood and a victim of those who stood up to his expansionism. Seriously.

Historian David Silbey has this to say:

Enough. This is the kind of horrendous drivel that would embarrass a crazy uncle spouting off at a family reunion as everyone stands by awkwardly and shuffles their feet. It is the historical equivalent of speaking in tongues: the syllables, accents, rhythms, and pauses of actual speech that, when actually heard, dissolve to gibberish. Buchanan strings together his events from the past in a coherent narrative; coherent but absolutely disconnected from reality. Somewhere in this world, a rabbit in a waistcoat is looking at his watch, muttering about lateness. Buchanan has no worries on that score; he is well down the hole already.


One thought on “Speaking of Hitler …

  1. I’ve noticed that former Nixon staffers seem to have difficulty with thinking. Besides Buchanan, G. Gordon Liddy and Ben Stein come to mind as being especially thinking-impaired.

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