DonorsChoose Campaign for Arizona K-12 Schools

In 2006 and 2007, I participated in the DonorsChoose campaign to raise funds for K-12 science education. In 2006, readers of my blog donated over $500 to help fund four proposals, while in 2007 nearly $2000 went to seven projects. This year, October is the month of the Social Media Challenge and while my readership has definitely shrunk since I moved from Scienceblogs, I’d still like to run a campaign.

As many of you will know, Arizona is particularly negligent in funding K-12 education. This time around I’m restricting my campaign to Arizona proposals but opening it up beyond just science. As of today, there are eight such projects originating from “high poverty” districts. Wander over to here and help some K-12 teachers here in Arizona achieve their goals. All donations are tax deductible.