The Final Friday Felid (#38)


Lion, Panthera leo L.


And with that we bring our Friday Felid feature to an end. In a few weeks I will unveil a new series. Feel free to make suggestions about taxa you’d like to see being featured.


12 thoughts on “The Final Friday Felid (#38)

  1. Corvids! Nobody does corvids, they’re incredibly cool, and there’s 120 species in corvidae — over two years’ worth. You should totally do a weekly corvid. Yay!

  2. You know, just the other day I thought I saw two magpies (it was a brief flash of black-and-white passerine disappearing into the brush), but I shouldn’t have, because I’m in Ohio and Pica hudsonia isn’t supposed to be here according to the Internet.


  3. I was going to say Bovidae, but then I saw HP’s sugestion. I second Corvids. I’m currently reading Bernd Heinrich’s Mind of the Raven and have become quite taken with corvids. They are almost as cool as Octopuses and Primates.

  4. My first impulse is to go with canids … after all I was a carnivore biologist in a past life. Corvids (or raptors) would also be a good choice, but may be limited by the number of good photos available. Cetaceans would also work but I’m not sure they show enough diversity to be interesting. I need to think more on this.

    And Stu should get some sort of award for making me groan.

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