My Second Computer


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5 thoughts on “My Second Computer

  1. Aaah..there she is!
    So much better than the Vic 20 we had at home! 3.5k ram….what a monster!!
    I was always so jealous of the superior graphics that 64k allowed!!
    I remember the hours I spent typing in code from magazines..but the games never worked!! I could type “poke” in about 0.5 seconds….

    Did you not also have a ZX Spectrum? or was that after the Commodore 64? I seem to recall bits of entrails between the ZX81 and the spectrum floating about, and explanations on the finer points of assembly language vs machine code….

  2. Bloody hell, that was my second computer too (after a ZX81).

    Well, actually we had a Dragon 32 for a short time, but we lost too many mice in it.

  3. yeah, my friend Bob had one of those.
    I couldn’t afford it. Later on I would wind up with an IBM-Clone intel 386/25 . I thought it screamed.
    I bought it despite really wanting an Amiga 1000.

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