No surprises

Once again, Steve Fuller shows what a clown he is. See here and here.

Update (11/1): Fuller can deal it out but appears not to be able to handle criticism.  As I’ve said here before, he is in no way is representative of STS as practiced by the historians, philosophers & sociologists I work with. He is a minor player with serious problems who is convinced of his own importance. Sad really.


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  1. My reaction is to declare a pox on both houses. Fuller’s obit is certainly a petty, small-minded hit piece on someone who can no longer defend himself.

    On the other hand, HIGHER SUPERSTITION was a terrible book and Levitt very often had no idea what he was talking about in his subsequent writings.

  2. I wouldn’t call Higher Superstition “terrible”. It certainly had many flaws, but in many places it gets it mostly right. I think Philip Kitcher’s “A Plea for Science Studies”, which takes both sides to task for their excesses, is a much better appraisal of the issue.

    But, regardless, Fuller’s “obituary” is simply repulsive. The man has no integrity whatsoever.

  3. I discussed this issue with a colleague who knows Fuller and informed me that Fuller might be severely manic depressive. If that’s actually the case, I just want to say that I don’t believe in mocking people for their mental illness, and Fuller desperately needs to get treatment and medication if this is the case.

  4. Wes – I don’t see how being bipolar serves as an explanation for nastiness: I wasn’t aware that it had that pathology.

  5. Bob,

    I’m not trying to excuse his behavior. I’m merely reporting what a well-informed person whom I trust very much told me. Apparently, Fuller is on medication for a severe psychological disorder, and sometimes he does not realize what he’s doing.

    This might be totally wrong. Maybe this person received faulty information. But, if it’s true, I think it’s important to take it into consideration. I have read elsewhere that severe depression can result in uncontrollable hostility and aggression in males, so it’s not entirely unbelievable that Fuller’s disgusting behavior results from severe manic depression. If he’s truly manic, then he might not understand what he’s doing.

    And again, I want to emphasize that I’m not a psychiatrist, I don’t know Fuller personally, I am not in any way claiming that his behavior is excusable, and what I’m saying is based entirely on the testimony of one person whom I believe is in a position to know these kinds of things.

  6. I’ve long held that the post modernist left actually works hand in hand with the neo-cons and their fundamentalist minions. Steve Fuller, Wendell Berry et al would screech perhaps, at being linked with the Hagees and the Becks of the right, but they scratch each others back. They fulfill the same purpose. They are propaganda agents against enlightened thinking.

    I’ll opt for a scientific method to respond to all material questions over my gut feelings anytime. We all take comfort in what we want to believe but those of us who require evidence will have to suffer the gainsay of those gut feelings…and do it happily.

  7. Mike Stahl,

    I completely agree. One strange thing I’ve noticed about far left postmodernism is that it often loops completely around and overlaps with the far right, supporting very similar policies and ideas from a completely different angle.

    One great example is Helen Lauer at the University of Ghana, who has been using leftist postmodernist nonsense to prop up the reactionary AIDS denialism that has unfortunately spread through Africa.

  8. “Their resentment demands a scapegoat — and ‘postmodernists’ function as Jews had previously.”

    From Fuller’s “article”. Does this count as a Godwin’s Law event or not? I’m somewhat confused.

    Regardless, whenever someone likens their lambasting over an article to the treatment of the jewish people in times past, I have to wonder just how skewed your worldview is.

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