The gift that keeps on giving – i.e. The Rapture v4.0

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As PZ notes, at least we’re moving on to conditional statements, unlike on September 22 and October 20. By now you should know the source.


4 thoughts on “The gift that keeps on giving – i.e. The Rapture v4.0

  1. From the site:

    First, total global economic collapse. The web bots and others are predicting total global economic collapse this coming week. Here is what George Ure writes (note the October 25th date has been delayed until November 9th):

    What? Did God send them a tweet?

    I seriously wonder how long he can keep this up. I mean, eventually he’s gonna have to cave in and admit he was wrong, right?

    Oh, and this made me laugh:

    So my prayer to The Lord was: “How do we (wise virgins) know that this is the date of Your return for Your bride? Could You give us an advance notice that this is the date?” The answer that I believe I received from The Lord was this: “When My Bride sees the economic collapse taking place on November 9th, this is a sign to My Bride that I will take you away to Heaven for our wedding on November 11th 2009!” To be specific, I believe that Jesus will return for His Bride on Wednesday November 11th, on or after 12am (midnight) Jerusalem Time! (SEE: The World Clock – Time Zones!) The spirit and The Bride say come Lord Jesus! AMEN!

    Why am I not surprised that this guy is a virgin?

  2. The “wise virgin” thing is an allusion to one of Jesus’ parables – it doesn’t mean (necessarily) that he is one literally…

  3. Right. Well, wake me when the global economic collapse happens. But wait… isn’t it supposed to happen in 2012? No, there’s another website that claims the End will be in 2015. Make up your damn minds, blasted Doomsayers!

    For you computer gamers:
    “The End Times are Nigh! Ours is Deserved Damnation!”

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