Coming on Friday Nov 27th …

Our poll to find the successor to the Friday Felid has been running for four days, so I guess it is time to announce the results. After 70 votes being cast, we had a dead-heat between the falcons and the cetaceans. Rather than have a run-off vote, I used executive privilege and chose …

… the Falconidae. This actually made me happy as I can count these as carnivores and keep my overall theme going! I’m actually going to expand the feature to the Falconiformes and can thus include all the diurnal birds of prey. I’ll start with the North American species and see how that goes before committing to the 290-odd species that occur worldwide.

So for the foreseeable future,  I will be featuring a bird of prey every Friday. We begin on November 27th as this next week is a little busy for me.

(Props to the reader who suggested the Friday Fungus … with about 1.5 million species that would have kept us going for quite some time!)


9 thoughts on “Coming on Friday Nov 27th …

  1. What?! No Friday Crustie! My write in campaign failed yet again. Better go with the falconidae, cetaceans are so boring you might as well have done one and called it quits ;p

  2. The Cetacean spokes-mammal would like to say:
    “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”
    I like birds of prey also.

  3. at least now you can keep with the alliteration. besides Friday Falconiformes sounds so much better than Friday Cetaceans!

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